With Praise and Thanksgiving

With Praise and Thanksgiving

With praise and thanksgiving
There stands a great throng
In the presence of Jesus
And sing this new song.
Unto Him Who hath loved us
And washed us from sin,
Unto Him be the glory forever!

All these once were sinners,
Defiled in His sight,
Now arrayed in pure garments,
In praise they unite.

He maketh the rebel
A priest and a king,
He hath bought us, and taught us
This new song to sing.

How helpless and hopeless
We sinners had been,
If He never had loved us till
Cleansed from our sin.

Aloud in His praises
Our voices shall ring,
So that others, believing,
This new song shall sing.

Lyrics:Arthur Tappan Pierson (1837-1911)
Music:Philip Paul Bliss (1838-1876)
Photo: Marge McCoy

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