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Wonderful Words of Life

Wonderful Words of Life

Sing them over again to me,
Wonderful words of life,
Let me more of their beauty see,
Wonderful words of life;
Words of life and beauty
Teach me faith and duty.

Beautiful words, wonderful words,
Wonderful words of life;
Beautiful words, wonderful words,
Wonderful words of life.

Christ, the blessed One, gives to all
Wonderful words of life;
Sinner, list to the loving call,
Wonderful words of life;
All so freely given,
Wooing us to heaven.

Sweetly echo the Gospel call,
Wonderful words of life;
Offer pardon and peace to all,
Wonderful words of life;
Jesus, only Savior,
Sanctify us forever.

Hymn: Philip P. Bliss, 1874

Audio: Stephen Sollars

Photo:Marge McCoy


Trees bear fruits only to be eaten by others; the fields grown grains, but they are consumed by the world. Cows give milk, but she doesn’t drink it herself – that is left to others. Clouds send rain only to quench the parched earth. In such giving, there is little space for selfishness.
Munshi Premchand

Photo by John Brasley


The water’s rising rapidly . . . rising . . . swelling
My soul sinking in despair
as the storm consumes hope
rendering barrenness to my soul
The deluge falls relentlessly . . . falling . . . drenching
immersing my faltering mind in a torrent of sorrow
Can pain pierce any deeper
cleave my battered heart in two?

A touch on my shoulder . . . lightly . . . barely felt
A mere breath . . . of what? . . . of whom?
A stirring of perception
awareness of a presence . . . a Presence
Uncertain glimpse of the essence of life
God . . . here . . . even in the darkness
His Spirit gently restoring
as the warmth of his grace penetrates

One breath at a time . . . breathe . . . breathe
One beckoning ray of hope
as He lifts me, reviving again . . .
Awesome, this coming back to life . . . Life
Renewed hope and courage
soul infused with peace . . . His strength
First a whisper, then a river
flowing from His wellspring of love

He is sufficient for me.

“My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” from 2 Corinthians 12:9

Poem by Connie Faust
Photo by Cheryl Cook