frankies heart

Dear Readers,
You might find today’s post a bit unusual, because I have never used ABOUT THESE THINGS to promote my books or my work in any way. That’s not what ATT is about. But Frankie’s Heart is different from anything I have written before. With themes of hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings, this book exists for two reasons: to glorify God, and to bless its readers. And so, after much prayer and consideration, i decided to announce its release here.

Thank you, God. For rivers in the desert. For this man, and this moment, and for new beginnings, she prayed.
Recently widowed, Frankie Bonetti bought an unloved fixer upper house that spoke to her heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes.
Now her heart is saying yes to a once-in-a-lifetime love.
Tracy Johanson also knows the pain of loss on several levels. A genius with woodworking, he’s good at nearly everything except forgiving himself. With Tracy’s head at war with his heart, God is about to step in, and through Frankie, guide him onto a new path, a new future, and a blessed reconciliation with his estranged son in the most destined of ways…

The book is available at

If you are not a fan of Christian Romance, thanks for bearing with me! If you decide to pick up a copy of Frankie’s Heart, I hope you will be blessed!

— Jean