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joy date

Recently I took a joy date with Jesus. It’s something I’ve been planning for a few weeks now, choosing a day my husband had to work. I went to church the evening before and got up in the morning ready to spend the day with Jesus. It was just him and me…and his great big, beautiful earth. I decided to capture some of the most gorgeous moments of our date.

We all need time away from negativity, hateful words, and soul-crushing actions. We all need to take time to dwell in pure, simple joy. It does not take much, but it adds so much to your life, trust me.

If we could just open our eyes to the beauty of the word and our neighbors, we would see the great BIG love of Jesus. We are too quick to judge, too happy to pick a side, too comfortable in our labels, and too eager to keep up with the Joneses. God doesn’t want any of that. He wants you. He pursues you. He chases your heart. It’s all he wants.

I’m challenging you to take a ‘joy date’ this coming week. What does your joy date look like? What does it feel like? Where will it be? If you’re not sure, just get in the car and take a leap of faith. Be filled with overwhelming JOY.

Reflection and Photos by Josie Rader

So Much To Us

Dear Lord, Thou Art So Much to Us

Dear Lord, Thou art so much to us,
Thou art our all in all;
What Thou art fully meets our needs,
Though they be great or small.

Our hearts appreciate what Thou art,
Our spirits worship Thee;
Our grateful praise to Thee we give
As we Thy riches see.

Author: Witness Lee
Composer: Richard S. Willis
Photo: Josie Rader