unfinished task

There is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.  Ecclesiastes 3:12

The day after Halloween my “to do” list  included taking my light up pumpkin, light up candy corn and  Snoopy blow up off the front porch to store away in the basement until next year.  I had an appointment in the morning and since I was in town I decided to get my groceries and do my  beginning of the week errands before heading home to work on my porch.  After I got home and put the groceries away I took my dog for a walk.  After a very rainy week the afternoon was bright and beautiful.  Forgetting my porch chores, my eyes turned to the spring bulbs sitting on the counter.   It seemed the perfect day for bulb planting.  I spent my afternoon weeding and planting 63 new tulip, daffodil and crocus bulbs. At the end of the day Snoopy was still on the porch smiling and bobbing around waiting to be packed away another day.   That evening  I realized that sometimes an unfinished task can be blessing. 

About 5:00 that evening the door bell rang and a woman I did not know was on my porch.  She asked if it would be ok if she took some pictures of my Snoopy.  I said, “Sure, that would be fine.”  Then she started to cry.  She apologized for getting emotional and then went on to explain that her sister is fighting a battle with cancer and a Snoopy is one of her favorite characters.  She said a picture would  really lift her spirits.  Over the weekend the sisters had been talking about how much they both love Snoopy.  

She said she has driven by my house several times but never noticed the Snoopy until today. When she saw it as she drove to town today she just had to turn around so she could share it with her sister.  I am one who loves taking pictures and sharing them to make people smile so I was happy to let her snap away.  As we chatted I told her that putting Snoopy away was on my “to do” list for the day but things came up and I did not get to it. She said it was meant to be still sitting there so she would notice it and share the picture for her sister.

It was a neat little encounter.  As she left she said, “God Bless you.”  I asked what her sister’s name was and promised to pray for her.  

She stayed just a few minutes to take some pictures then drove away. I may never see her again but I will be praying for her sister.    I will pray for her health problems.  I will pray that Snoopy brings a smile to her face.  I will pray these sisters have many happy times ahead.  As I pray I will also thank God that I ran out of time to put Snoopy away.  You never know what little thing could be a blessing to someone else.  It’s a good feeling to bring joy to others.

Reflecton and Photo: Marge McCoy

Mingle and Blend

Happy Mother’s Day
Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. ~ Richard Garnett

Mingle and Blend

Let’s mingle and blend,
Our hearts knit again,
In the family of God.
Let’s mingle and blend,
Our hearts knit again,
With our family of God. Isn’t it pure and fine?
Isn’t it right and holy?
Isn’t it noble, true?
Isn’t it sweet and lovely?

Open up your heart,
Open up your home,
Open up your mouth,
Open up your song,
Open up your life,
Open up your time,
Open up your poem,
Open up your rhyme.

How we love one another!
We are sisters! We are brothers!
How our hearts fill with love
When we think on things above!

Let’s mingle and blend…
Our hearts knit again…
In the spirit of love…
In the fam’ly of God.

Words and Music by L.B. (used with permission from
Photo Courtesy of Garrigues Family Album