Mingle and Blend

Happy Mother’s Day
Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. ~ Richard Garnett

Mingle and Blend

Let’s mingle and blend,
Our hearts knit again,
In the family of God.
Let’s mingle and blend,
Our hearts knit again,
With our family of God. Isn’t it pure and fine?
Isn’t it right and holy?
Isn’t it noble, true?
Isn’t it sweet and lovely?

Open up your heart,
Open up your home,
Open up your mouth,
Open up your song,
Open up your life,
Open up your time,
Open up your poem,
Open up your rhyme.

How we love one another!
We are sisters! We are brothers!
How our hearts fill with love
When we think on things above!

Let’s mingle and blend…
Our hearts knit again…
In the spirit of love…
In the fam’ly of God.

Words and Music by L.B. (used with permission from
Photo Courtesy of Garrigues Family Album