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my hands

Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.
Nehemiah 6:9

Photo by Marge McCoy


hidden treasure

Thy word I have treasured in my heart that I might not sin against Thee. Psalm 119: 11

Each year my family spends a week at a beach house on Lake Erie. Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters gather for sun and fun. It’s a time to rest, relax and be together as a family. We like to hang out near the water.  We take books to read on the shore. We take sand toys to dig on the beach. We take inner tubes to enjoy swimming and wave jumping.   Many of us also head to the beach carrying an empty paper cup. The paper cups are for sea glass hunting.

One of my favorite activities is searching the shores of Lake Erie for sea glass.  Cup in hand, I set out with the sun on my shoulders and waves lapping at my feet. I often find little bits of green and white glittering among the rocks. I have to look longer and work harder to find the rarer ambers, reds and blues hidden in the water and sand. Sea glass hunting is a fun, free, family adventure. I never know what kind of a hunt I will have. Will I find one piece or twenty? Will the glass be in plain sight or will I have to dig deep? Even if I can’t spot it, I know the glass is out there, just waiting to be found.

Some people don’t like to look for the glass but I find it relaxing to stand on water’s edge and scour the sand for treasures. If someone in the group finds a large chunk or a rare color you can bet they will shout out or run down the shore to show it off. When you find a rare piece you can’t wait to share the news. Collecting glass brings people together. It is fun for all ages. As much fun as it is to find the glass it is just as much fun to share it with others. If you found the glass and stuck it in your pocket it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Part of the fun is seeing people’s reaction to what you uncovered.  I have a couple pretty jars at home that hold many years’ worth of glass. Every now and then I take them down to look at all the colors and remember all the hunts. This glass is a symbol.  It helps me remember our happy family times.

Reading God’s word is also an activity for all ages. It is one that can be shared among the generations.  The Bible is God’s Word. Every word of the Bible is true. Reading God’s Word is like going sea glass hunting. There are wonderful things in the Bible just waiting to be discovered. Like the common white and green glass of Lake Erie some concepts are easier to see because they are lying right there in plain sight and repeated over and over. Other truths, like the rare reds and blues in the sea glass world, are stated less frequently or hidden deeper. These are harder to grasp but with time and effort they too can be discovered. If we find a truth in the Bible, we should not keep it to ourselves. We need to share it, shout it out, and show it off. By reading God’s word and hunting for truth, we allow God to teach and train us. By sharing it we just might help someone else take a step on their journey as we all seek to live in a way that pleases God.

Devotional and Photo by

Marge McCoy