Praise His Name Forever

Praise His Name Forever!

Come and stand before His throne,
Make His wondrous glories known;
Bought salvation for His own;
Praise His Name forever!

Crucified to set men free
From reigning evil’s tyranny;
Lifted up for all to see;
Praise His Name forever!

Blood from head, hands, feet and side
Flowed to fill sin’s chasm wide;
God’s wrath forever satisfied;
Praise His Name forever!

Darkest sin shall not prevail
O’er pardon bought by thorn and nail;
Such wondrous grace can never fail;
Praise His Name forever!

Christ, God’s everlasting Son
O’er death the final vict’ry won;
Now God and man, the twain made one;
Praise His Name forever!

Come and let the anthems ring; All tongues proclaim, all nations sing;
To Him your sweetest offerings bring;
Praise His Name forever!

Poem by Stephen Balga

Photo by Cheryl Cook

*Originally posted on August  29, 2012

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