By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established. Proverbs 24:3

Before starting a project whether it be baking, wood working, sewing or gardening, we need to gather supplies. We can’t do a job without supplies or materials. Once we have the materials we have to use them or the project will not be completed. I am reminded of this each spring as I watch birds gather and build nests in our nesting boxes. First the birds spend a few days flying back and forth in and out deciding which location is the best place for their nest. Once the spot is decided upon they fly around the area gathering bits of this and dabs of that to create the nest. Once they are sure they will be able to find the needed supplies they start building the nest. As they build they must continue to gather until they have a strong safe home. They do not just stuff the box with one item. They gather what they need and weave each item in little by little. It is fun to watch the birds fly about choosing nesting material: bits of fur, a few small twigs, long strips of grasses and maybe even some yarn or soft batting. The birds do not just gather the supplies and then stop. They use the supplies and keep on working until the job is done.

We need to do the same with our spiritual “nests”. We should visit around our local area and choose a church home. We can gather supplies such as a Bible, our favorite Christian music, a devotional plan and so on. Once we have the place and some supplies we are not done. We have to put it all together. If we do not follow through and use these items to build a strong faith they will do us no good. The grass sprigs and batting lying on the ground in the collage did not help the birds just by lying there. The birds had to work hard and weave everything together to get it just right. God gives us His Word and His forgiveness but we have to use them to build a strong faith. It does no good to choose a church home if we don’t attend the services on a regular basis. What good is a Bible if we do not open it and read it? Christian music will not uplift us if we do not listen to it. God’s forgiveness will not transform us if we do not grab hold of it and weave it into our lives. Let’s take a lesson from the birds and gather what God has given us and use it to build a strong Christian life.

Devotion and Photo Collage: Marge McCoy


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