mother’s hands

It’s the time of year when we take pause and consider one of God’s most beautiful gifts — mothers! This week, we celebrate motherhood and all that goes along with it. I thought this beautiful poem by Connie Faust, along with a lovely photo courtesy of Serena Hagadone would be a wonderful way to start out the week. We hope you enjoy!

Mother’s Hands

Quieting busy little hands
Fingers within her own entwined
Nothing compares with Mommy’s love
to give her child peace of mind.

School days, early morning risings
Watching for the big yellow bus
Walks her child to the corner
Pats down his hair that’s always mussed

Mother’s hands send a cheerful wave
Then she returns to daily chores
School-day’s close will find her waiting
with love to greet him evermore

Her face a-lit with cheery smile
Happy that her little boy’s home
Knowing how short her years with him
Until the time when he will roam

Day after day, the years pass by
As he grows “in wisdom and grace”
Then suddenly he’s a young man
Anxious to take his rightful place

Now tiny hands that played all day
Are big and muscular and strong
Ready to begin that journey
Where mother’s hands can’t go along

Who knows what challenges he’ll meet
Familiar roads or far-off lands
He’ll follow each path with courage
He learned the way through Mother’s hands

When for the last time, he comes home
And finds his mother’s hands are still
He knows until her final breath
Her hands were doing her Father’s will

Poem by Connie Faust
Photo by Serena Hagadone


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