I’ve realized there is a spot of blood on our white comforter. I was going to share a picture but decided that was gross. My husband recently had outpatient surgery. It turned into an overnight stay. Then after being released and spending an hour or so at home he had a significant blood loss and passed out resulting in the most terrifying incident in my life. I rushed him back to the hospital where he spent 2 more days. He is doing well but it is going to take quite a while to get his hemoglobin back up. For several days he was very helpless and I was very worried. We treated each other during this time with great care, tenderness and gratefulness. Back to the blood spot. Now that life is getting a little back to normal it is so easy to forget to treat each other with as much kindness as possible. So maybe I will just leave the blood spot there (not that I could get it out at this point anyway) to remind me that no matter how he is aggravating me at the moment that I’m blessed beyond measure to have him.

Reflection by Leslie Taylor Leach

Photo: Marge McCoy


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