a new day


A New Day

When I awoke this morning, Lord
my first thought was of You.
For you have given me another day
by Your grace and love so true.

Now how I spend this day, dear Lord,
You’ve left that up to me.
I can choose to be smiling and happy
and be kind to all I see.

Or I can choose to be down and sad
like a weeping willow tree.
Thinking not of my fellow man,
but thinking just of me.

Since another day I might not see,
as nothing is guaranteed.
I need to live each day I have
sharing how my soul You freed.

It’s not easy in this world today
to keep oneself from worry.
I live in such a high-tech world.
I’m always in a hurry.

I’m working at a stressful job
trying to make a living.
I often forget Your promise, Lord
that You would do the giving.

You promised if I’d trust in You
that You’d always provide.
No matter what I faced each day,
You’d be close by my side.

I also need to remember, Lord
the depth of Your constant love.
You promised to be here for me.
I need only look above.

At times I need a reminder, Lord
that I am only me.
I cannot do it by myself,
for You, Lord, are the key.

So on this day, You’ve given me,
I choose to live it well.
Others will know I love You
for by my actions they can tell.

Poem by Emily McAdams courtesy of Skywriting.net
Photo by Elizabeth Pike


3 thoughts on “a new day

  1. Hi, Jean,

    Happy New Year! I saw the poem “A New Year” on your site and it didn’t sound familiar. I have about all of Connie Cook’s poems but I didn’t recognize that one, so I looked it up on Skywriting.net and it is not one of hers.

    I thought I should let you know.

  2. You do a wonderful job with this site! No problem!
    I don’t own Connie Cook’s poems. I am only allowed to use them, and was highly encouraged to do so. I just learned that her husband is now deceased. I don’t know any details, but when I sent him a Christmas card it was returned, marked “deceased.” He was a great help to me for a few years after Connie died, even supplying the ink for me to print the poems by “the two Connies.” I’m sure they are together again.

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