more than these


The tree covered with ornaments
of Christmas long ago,
The lovely Yuletide carols,
songs of angels, playing low,
Aromas from the kitchen,
cookies baking, sure to tease,
Receiving cards from folks afar . . .
I love you more
than these.

The reds, the greens, the lighted scenes
most everywhere you go,
The kittens eyes of sheer surprise,
their first attempt at snow!
The fun of viewing landscape
now revealed by fallen leaves,
Our kisses ‘neath the mistletoe . . .
I love you more
than these.

The taste of eggnog, scent of pine,
Cardinals and Blue Jays in a line,
The carrot for the snowman’s nose
Poinsettia and Christmas rose.
My hand in yours on wintry walks,
church bells that peal and noisy flocks
of geese that soar above the trees . . .
I love you more
than these.

The wonders so unspeakable,
the joys beyond compare,
The palaces, the streets of gold,
with angels everywhere;
The awesome land of Jesus
lacking nothing that could please,
Glory past all imagining . . .
Christ loved you more
than these.

Poem Courtesy of the Archives of Connie Hinnen Cook

Photo by Peggy Logue

“(Christ) was foreordained
before the foundations of the world,
but was manifest
in these last times
for you”

(1 Peter 1:20 KJV)


One thought on “more than these

  1. Hi, Jean,
    I’m glad you felt free to use Connie Hinnen Cook’s poem. I was thinking I should tell you that it was fine to use hers. Her husband wanted them used after her death. You can find a large selection of her poetry at Under Menu, look for “Connie’s Poetry.”
    Do you remember her? It’s only a few months ago that Authors Den took her page from their site.
    Have a merry, happy, blessed Christmas!
    for Jesus,

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