A Father’s Prayer

Father's Prayer

We at About These Things would like to wish all father’s a very Happy Father’s Day. May you strive to be fathers who let the Lord be your guiding hand, whose faith brings your family courage and whose wisdom comes from God. Happy Father’s Day!

A Father’s Prayer

Loving Father,
Patient Father,
Make this father more like You.
You are kindness,
Gentle kindness.
Keep me kind in all I do.
Lord, my children
Are Your children.
May they know You
As I show You
In my spirit day to day,
Living love from day to day.

Loving Father,
Holy Father,
May I show Your tender heart,
Deeply caring,
Gladly sharing
All the mercy that You are,
In Your Spirit,
Faithful Spirit,
Ever flowing,
Ever growing
More and more, O Lord, like You,
More a father just like You.

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Polish Carol
© 2009 by LNWhymns
*Used with permission

* LNWhymns gives permission to use this hymn however it can help communicate Jesus Christ. But the recordings may not be sold for any price or for any purpose, not even for cost or for a donation.

Photo: Amy Oyer


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