An Easter Message


Darkness covered the earth that Calvary-day,
While Jesus, Lamb of God, hung on His cross.
Nail-torn hands and feet, harsh pain and tears;
Agony of battered body — such a loss!

How I wish I could have stood beside Him,
Just to bathe His wounds and help Him bear;
And yet ~ my head hangs downs with shame to say it ~
It was my sin and yours that put Him there.
Brightness filled the earth that Sunday morning
While Jesus, Son of God, walked through the land!
Death could not hold Jesus Christ its prisoner;
Oh, no, He could not stay in death’s cold hand!

“He lives again!” The cry filled every city;
Such wondrous news, no cover-up could hide.
He lives again! Over sin and grave victorious!
Oh, come, and see the spear-thrust in His side.

Now tell me, do you know the glorious message
The Easter story has for me and you?
Because He lives, we know our sins are pardoned
If we believe the things He said are true .

“Come close to Me today, all ye that labor;
If sin still weighs you down, I’m calling you.
Believe Me, and receive Me as your Saviour.
Your sin I’ll take, and give My Life to you!”
Who could ignore the call of such a Saviour;
A Friend Who loves so much, He’s willing to die?
Who could reject His gift of sins-forgiven?
Who could toss His loving grace aside?

Easter speaks of resurrection promise;
The promise of new life in heaven above;
And glorious is the Easter of a Christian,
For in His heart is Christ, the King of Love!

Poem by Connie Faust
Photo by Elizabeth Pike


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