A Home for the King


A Home For The King

Inside the dreary stable,
golden sheaves of hay were spread,
The only glint of treasure
for a royal baby’s bed,
Soon to fill the crude manger
where the animals were fed —
Hay-filled crib for King Jesus,
to cradle his downy head.

Outside, the lanes were crowded,
not a vacant room to rent.
Innkeepers closed sturdy doors
with no hint of sentiment,
Till compassion moved one man —
to his stable they were sent.
Relieved to find a haven,
the tired young couple went.

Stumbling into the stable,
the pair was weary and worn,
Thankful, yet apprehensive;
feeling alone and forlorn.
They yearned for refreshing sleep
to fit them for the next morn,
Unaware, in this long night,
their baby boy would be born.

The dismal barn awaited
to see what the night would bring
As animals assembled,
and bright angels took to wing.
For years to come, God’s people
on this day would praise and sing,
For His birth transformed a stable
to a home fit for The King.

The journey across the miles,
begun as a trek for two,
Culminated in blessing —
the Infant, tiny and new,
And glory-light descended
ere the damp of morning’s dew,
For He would bring salvation
so man could be born anew.

When you hear the angels’ song
bringing God’s good news today,
Open the door of your heart —
let the Savior in to stay.
As He made a dingy stable
His welcoming home that day,
He’ll rejoice to live within you
when you welcome Him today.

Poem by Connie Faust

Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas Day!


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