flag unfurled


The Flag Unfurled

I always do
Each morning when I leave my porch
I think of you

The path you chose to take
The sacrifice that you make
Each day
No matter how the wind has blown
This flag upon my porch

No matter how I might run late
No matter what may lie ahead
I take the time to unfurl my flag

The flag I hung out of respect
The flag that you have served

To know the mission of one’s life
To bear the burden of that strife
Dear God please help me always know
That deep within this tired breast
My faith has been so firmly laid
Upon Thy rock

And now
When faith has grown so dim
Please place Thy blessing upon him,
My son

The one that chose to serve the land
The able bodied one, the man
Please bless the soul that now seeks rest
Upon my son I pray be blest
As I unfurl my flag

Poem and photo by Carol Allen


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