How can I fathom Your love?
You are always HERE–
with knowledge
of who I am,
with promise
of what I can be.
To become like You
is my longing,
to know You
is my heart’s desire.
Oh, touch my soul
with coals of fire,
make my love
burn higher, higher!

King of my life,
draw me near.
Enfold me in Your graces,
empower me to win,
infuse me with Your essence
so that I am ready,
cleansed, enabled, bold within.
Then send me forth
to do Your will,
to touch my world,
and help to bring them in.

Almighty, wise, eternal God,
fill me
with Your love
that I may love them
as You do,
and give my life,
my all,
for YOU.

“For God is at work within you,
helping you want to obey Him,
and then helping you do what He wants.”
(Philippians 2:13, Living Bible)

Poem by Connie Faust
Photo by Elizabeth Pike


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