How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! Romans 10:15

Do you like to go bargain hunting? Many shoppers enjoy the after Christmas sales that take place in January. After a day of bargain hunting isn’t it fun to tell a friend about your purchases and show off your treasures?

“Look, I got three rolls of wrapping paper for the price of one.”
“Isn’t this sweater adorable? And it was 60% off!”
“Did you see this cute snowman I found? He was practically free!”

We love to share our good news!
Christians have the responsibility to tell others about our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. How often do you rush to a friend to share your experiences with Jesus?

Dear Lord we thank you that you are our God and our Savior. We thank you for all the wonderful things you do in our lives. We pray that you will give us boldness to share the good news and wisdom to speak the words that might encourage another along their journey

Devotional by Marge McCoy
Photo Courtesy of the Garrigues Family Album


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