bethlehem song


Bright stars looked down on Bethlehem town;
on a manger filled with hay
Where the cattle fed; donkey bowed its head
at the closing of the day.

But the warm, steamy silence was broken that night
by the cries of a new-born boy;
And the oxen and donkey beheld a new sight
that would herald the birth of joy!

For want of a room, strangers entered the gloom,
in the shadowy stable to rest.
The Babe would not wait, tho’ the hour was late;
soon they welcomed a tiny new Guest.

The stars in the sky shown brighter that night,
as though calling the world from sleep;
But the world heard them not,
save a few frightened men,
who were sitting up late with their sheep.

The donkey’s mane shook as he had his first look
at the Baby laid down in his table.
Try as he might, he could not that night
recall such strange things in his stable!

No, the world never saw such an evening before,
though God’s people had read in His book;
And the donkey himself drifted softly to sleep,
dozing off after wondering look.

The ox slowly chewed, enjoying his food,
as he took in the marvelous scene.
The young man he saw kneeling down on the straw,
moving gently, as though in a dream.

And the mother — the mother was beaming with joy!
Oh, her face was aglow with delight!
The weary old ox felt suddenly young
as he watched in the stable that night.

The world slept on, awaiting the dawn,
nor hearing the cry in the night.
In darkness; in gloom; moving on toward the tomb —
Drifters, shielding their eyes from the Light.

But the song of the stars in the Bethlehem sky
will be heard by faith’s listening ear;
And the sound of redemption rings on through the earth,
offered freely to all who will hear!

“I am come that they might have life,
and have it to the full!” (John 10:10)

Poem by Connie Faust
Photo by Elizabeth Pike


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